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As with any project, coming up with a name can be difficult. This film project started with something like "Out of the Rubble", then it changed to "Legacy - 10 Years After 911." The new working title for the film is "FROM THE GROUND UP 10 years after 911".

Though this name is likely to remain, our webmaster, Brian, has decided to play it safe and use a website name of

The new name allows us to have an easy to remember name for everyone to help spread the word, using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, FeedBurner, and a mailing list.

Current accounts:

Please help spread the word so we can get this project finished.

Thank You.

DVD Available

The DVD of From The Ground Up is available. Order now.

For those that wish to just make a donation to the charities and film production, without the need for the DVD, you can donate here: