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We received some photos from our TVFD friends in Telluride.

From: Gary Freedman
Date: May 29, 2011 3:14:03 PM EDT
To: Andrea DeGeorge Garbarini 
Subject: Telluride/ Up From the Ground

1) Attached are some pictures from this morning at River Club before departing for the premier at the Palm. Thank you very much for the shirts;

2) Several members of the group asked for a mailing address to send shirts/some things to the TVFD members. If you would please circulate this address i will see the specific firefighter or Department members get the item(s):

LT Gary Freedman, Secretary
Telluride Volunteer Fire Department Company

for items by US Mail (as there is not physical delivery in Telluride):

PO Box 1602
Telluride, CO  81435-1602

for items sent by UPS/FedEx:

135 West Columbia Avenue
Telluride, CO 81435

(if things are sent by US Mail to the physical address they will general be returned in about 6 weeks as "incomplete address")

3) here is a link on the Greenwich Village firehouse that Anderson Cooper bought/converted to a residence:
might try contact for the film through his blog as well as other means:

If there is anything any of us at TVFD can do to make this stay or your July trip even better, please let me know.
Safe travels. 

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DVD Available

The DVD of From The Ground Up is available. Order now.

For those that wish to just make a donation to the charities and film production, without the need for the DVD, you can donate here: